Fly-metal Ltd. is a family company focused on an airplanes production. It follows the eighteen-year tradition of the company Petr Pindak – Assembling and production of ultralight aircraft.

Fly-metal Ltd.

We are producing:
– construction, production and assembly of structures for ultralight airplanes and airplanes class RTC
– production, assembling and reparation of duralumin and riveted construction

Fly-metal is also a parent company for our two other brands: Inspired by Flying legends and Monofin Box.

Inspired by Flying legends

Inspired by Flying legends is focused on designing and production of furniture and accessories of interior in an aviation style.

We are producing:
– pilot chairs
– showcases
– duralumin tables

Monofin Box

Monofin Box is focused on the production of duralumin transport cases.

We are producing:
– transport duralumin case for monofin
– transport duralumin case custom-made


Production and assembling of constructions

For modeller

Inspired by Flying legends


Touch the legend…

Pilot seats, flight instrument panels, flight instruments and other product are always inspired by a specific aircraft and copied to its exact original predecessor, then fully hand-made by experienced experts working in the aircraft construction and aircraft industry.


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Inspired by Flying legends

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Fly-metal Ltd.
Popov 154
763 33 Stitna nad Vlari-Popov
The Czech Republic

IČO: 07008155
DIČ: CZ07008155

Petr Pindak, Founder & CEO
Phone: +420 777 245 433